Kohmann Carton Erecting Machine L800-A

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Kohmann Carton Erecting Machine L800-A



  1. Voltage: 380V/50HZ
  2. Covering Area: 4.0M*1.2M
  3. The total Power:
  4. Maximum Production Speed: 200 pcs/min
  5. AirPressure:0.6Mpa(Dryandclean compressed air)
  6. Packing:
    N.W.: 1500KG. G.W.: 1600KG
    N.W.: 250KG G.W.: 290KG
  7. Materials: Paper Board 200-600gsm; corrugated boarder paper with thickness not exceed 1.5MM

The difference between L800-A and L800-C

  1. L800-A adopts servo system to control the punching head, but L800-C adopts mechanical device to control the punching head, so L800-A is easier to change different box than L800-C.
  2. L800-A is better to make eight corners boxes than L800-C.

Machine type   L800-A
Blank length L 100mm-450mm
Blank length B 100mm-630mm
Height of side flaps H 15mm-220mm
Height of side flaps+lid H1 50mm-200mm
Height of folded flap H2 10mm-60mm
Height of folded flap H3 10mm-50mm
Conicity   5° -40°




Examples of Kohmann Window Patching Machine Applications

The following examples are simple illustrations of typical applications.
Please call or e-mail for information pertaining to your specific needs.


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