Training Service and Preventative Maintance Programs

Over time, practices change, information and techniques vary with operators and "make do" maintenance tends to reduce productivity and increase set-up times. The solution simply put is training.

Can-Am Packaging Equipment has initiated training, service and parts programs to meet the needs of current and new operators of both Kohmann Window Machines and Omega Folder Gluers as well as other folding carton equipment. Our expertise is your assurance of the highest productivity.

We have been able to improve maintenance practices, increase productivity and quality, reduce cost and waste and in the case of window patching, reduce the cost of film and glue as a direct result of our exact placement techniques. Second and third shifts are included in our programs.

Advanced Diagnostics Tools, Training Seminars and Preventive Maintenance Programs support your equipment need long after your purchase.

We offer the following services:

Preventative Maintenance Programs

  • Thorough Inspection and Cleaning
  • Spot Training
  • Ten (10%) Percent Discount off of parts and labor rates.

Finishing Equipment Service

  • We service all brands of finishing equipment

Parts Replenishment

  • Ninety (90%) percent of parts orders are shipped within twenty four (24) hours.

Equipment Warranties

  • For extra peace of mind, Can-Am Packaging Equipment offers extended equipment warranties on new machine purchases. Please contact us for details.

Training Programs

  • Group sessions, one-on-one programs for new operators, "refresher course" training, troubleshooting and make-ready techniques.

Equipment Reconditioning

  • Can-Am Packaging Equipment can also make your used machine run like new.
  • Equipment Inspection, Dismantling/Relocation, Repair and Installation
  • For all finishing equipment.
  • All parts purchased as well as hourly rates are reduced by ten (10%) percent to companies participating in any of the above programs. Travel and hotel charges are at cost with no discount.
  • Please contact our offices for services and training rate schedules.