Our Mission

Our Job Begins When We Sell You A Machine…
A Somtas and Kohmann Sale Are Only The Beginning…

Can-Am Packaging Equipment Corporation was established in 1986 and our goal continues to be - not only to meet but exceed your expectations for quality equipment and service. Our sales, administrative, and technical staff are ready and able to meet your equipment needs. The company aims to provide just what you are looking for and ensures that they are a technical resource long after your equipment is in production.

We believe that all of our folder gluers, window machines and specialty machines belong to us long after the point of sale and we are therefore the first to be responsible to ensure that our machines are running well, regardless of the geographic location whether near or far.

Both the investor and the operator are our primary concern when engineering our machines. We lead the investor to the right machine, not necessarily to the most expensive one. We know without a doubt that every operator wants reliable, fast, maintenance free and user friendly machines with minimum make ready times and optimal production. We design and engineer our machines accordingly.

Our policy is to manufacture strong and reliable machines to serve the investor for many years. We never reduce our quality because of changing costs.

We listen to our customers very carefully. Respect their knowledge and experience and do our best to meet their demands. Most of all we try to do this as part of our program to customize a machine to meet specific production requirements.

Just as in 1960, when Kohmann manufactured the first window machines and specialty machines and in 1990 when Omega manufactured the first folder gluers there has always been a waiting list for our pre-owned products. Our principle simply stated is to have the most reliable, knowledgeable, experienced and respected sales team worldwide to provide 24/7 service and support long after you have purchased your machine.

We all take pride in the trust established in our name.